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Companies cannot afford to lose a strategic, long-term customer. In fact, in today’s economic climate, companies cannot afford to lose any customer.  When serviced correctly, customers generate increased profits every year they stay with a company.  In other words, the longer a customer is kept, the more profitable they become. The challenge then becomes, retaining and growing current customers, while at the same time acquiring new ones, and optimizing the entire customer experience.


The Chapman Group’s LoyaltyProfessional™ experts work in collaboration with your team to effectively design and execute a “Voice of the Customer” (VOC) program that directly addresses that challenge. Using industry recognized best practices, processes, and metrics our experts will:


Design the VOC program (i.e. participants and frequency)

Co-create the survey script(s) and distribute survey 

Gather and analyze survey results

Develop and implement action plans based on feedback 


… all in an effort to better manage and improve the overall customer experience!





LoyaltyProfessional ™ is an actionable voice of our account knowledge base that has replaced our traditional customer satisfaction surveys. It provides executives and account teams a deeper understanding of our current and future revenue position in our account. It is helping us build and expand relationships and eliminate lost revenue surprises within our current customer base.”

- Director, Marketing

The Americas, Specialty Minerals


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